An Introduction From The Author


I want to welcome you to my epic fantasy trilogy, The Avatar of Calderia, a tale of intrepid heroes and nefarious villains, mighty wizards and Dark sorcerers, mythical races and magical creatures, noble honor and despicable treachery, passionate love and sadistic lust, thundering armies and raging dragons—and, of course, a desperate quest that spans a continent to solve an ancient riddle, locate a mysterious talisman, and follow its path to find salvation before all is lost and evil prevails.


If these themes sound rather familiar, that's because I fully intended them to be so. After many years of reading the works of other writers, this trilogy is my personal homage to classic fantasy, my way of giving back. I was inspired in this endeavor by another author, who introduced her first book by saying that she was a voracious fantasy reader who had grown weary of haunting the bookstores, waiting for the next sequel to be published, and so finally decided to write her own book—the kind of story that she would most like to read. I never forgot what she said. Like her, I have always hungered for more stories in my favorite genre. And, like her, I decided that, should I ever put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) myself, it would be to write the kind of book I most enjoy reading. So, here it is, a story fashioned with all my beloved, time-honored characters, themes and elements. If you enjoy classic fantasy, I invite you to come along on this great adventure with me.


-- David M. Echeandia